Accordion | Keyboard

I teach the accordion, piano and electronic keyboard at the School of Music in Gelsenkirchen and Meschede (Hochsauerlandkreis). I gained my experience as a teacher by working closely and over several years with many internationally acclaimed teachers and have been able to apply this experience successfully to my own classes, with the result that a number of my students have won prizes in the Jugend Musiziert Competition.

I believe that the desire to learn an instrument is an expression of the individual’s love of music and of his or her chosen instrument. I am delighted to be able to share both my pupils’ enthusiasm for music and their pleasure in making music themselves. Anyone electing to have lessons on a musical instrument wants to make music and at the same time wants to develop as an artist. I should like to contribute to this in the field of the accordion, piano and electronic keyboard. Both beginners and more advanced students are welcome.

If you would like to learn to play the accordion, piano or electronic keyboard, please contact me. We can arrange to hold an audition at any time that suits you without any commitment on your part.

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